Wednesday, June 16, 2010

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Honeymoon Cooking

Mihai and I are in Hawaii for our honeymoon and have opted to stay at rental cottages/apartments so that we would have the option of cooking (two weeks of going out every day did not seem appealing especially since a) we are spending a whole week at each of the two islands we are visiting so renting a place is easy and b) we haven't heard the best things about quality/price ratio at most Hawaiian restaurants).

So here is some of the food we've been enjoying at our temporary homes:

Linguini with Shrimp, Parsley, Garlic, and Lemon (adapted from Amanda at Food52)

Fish Tacos (adapted from Merrill at Food52)

Zucchini-Tomato Pasta (adapted from Anne's Food)

Watermelon-Feta Salad (adapted from Smitten Kitchen and previously blogged about)

Lemony Green Bean Salad with Feta and Mint (adapted from Food52)

I must say, cooking while on this vacation has actually added to the relaxation factor, rather than detracted from it. Cooking straightforward (and yet delicious) dishes certainly helps too.


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